uNyazi Lwezulu Online


Welcome to this User Manual for uNyazi Lwezulu Online system.

uNyazi Lwezulu Online system is a data collection tool for Nazareth Baptist Church - Ebuhleni. The purpose of the system is to collect data and provide statistics for the church.

The church members will be able to register their details and also have an option to upload their CV’s on the system.

This documentation will illustrate how to use uNyazi Lwezulu Onlinesystem.

Web Address:


Features of the System:

  • Create New Account for new users
  • Login Page
  • Profile Page
  • Update My Profile
  • Upload CV

Video Tutorial

To view a Video Tutorial please CLICK HERE

Getting Started:

To use uNyazi Lwezulu Online system, first of all you would need to register your details on the system.

To register, please go to:

creat1 image

The system will direct you to a ‘Create New Account’ form, where you will be able to enter your details.

To Create an account:

  • Enter your personal details in the form.

Please make sure that you provide a Password that you will not forget, as the system will need it when you login.

create image
  • Once you are done filling in the form click on ‘Submit’.
submit image
  • When you have successfully registered, the system will direct you to a login page.

To login, enter the following:

  • ID Number (Enter your ID number)
  • Password (Enter the password you provided)
login image

Profile page:

After you have successfully logged in to the system, you will be directed to your ‘Profile’ page where you will view your details.

profile image

If you want to Update your details:

Click on ‘Update My Profile’

update image

If you want to Submit your CV documents:

  • Click on ‘Upload CV’
upload image

  • A Upload form will appear, for you to upload you CV.

  • Click on ‘Select your CV’

select image
  • A Window will appear for you to locate your CV on your PC/Mobile phone. Select your CV then click ‘Submit’.

window image

To exit the system:

  • Click on ‘Sign Out’
update image
  • Click ‘Yes’ to confim.

If you need further assistance with uNyazi Lwezulu System please do not hesitate to send us an email on: info@unyazilwezuluonline.co.za